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The Adventure Begins

A left road and a right road separated by
       a giant stainless steel fork -- Made in Dall-E

It is a dark and stormy night... You reach a fork in the road.

Whoa! That's a big fork!
obj('main-character').smile = "Brilliant"; /* obj(some_name) is the syntax to refer to the object some_name loc(some_name) is the syntax to refer to a loc. x-action tags otherwise contain straight Javascript Notice in the above we used .smile to refer to the smile property we had defined with the x-smile tags earlier. */


You, ${obj('main-character').name}, flash a ${obj('main-character').smile} smile. You win!

Somehow though it felt too easy.
game.reset(); // game is the Javascript name for the current game

The Left Path

The left path at first seemed very sinister...

And then you, , had a moment of personal growth and traversing it became easier.


/* Default Actions are run for any object or location that has them, once per turn */ if (obj('main-character').position == 'left') { loc('right').foo = "left"; }