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Earn Money

You currently have ${obj('main-character').money} dollars.

What would you like to do:

let money = parseInt(obj('main-character').money); money++; obj('main-character').money = money;

At the Movies

You decided to use your hard-earned cash to enjoy a movie. You purchased a ticket and found a seat in the theater.

And then...

The theater went dark and the movie began to play. But there was no sound. So you shouted, "Turn on the sound!"

You could dimly see the outline of the projectionist at the back of the theater fumbling with his equipment. Finally, you got to see the movie and it was awesome. Thoroughly satisfied, you returned to your flat and fell asleep...

You woke up the next day ready for work...

You're Broke!

You don't have enough money to see the movie.

You lose, but decide to play again.

if (obj('main-character').position == 'movie') { let money = parseInt(obj('main-character').money) - 2; obj('main-character').money = money; }