A Mind to Call Home

by Chris Pollett

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A Mind to Call Home

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  • Development was done using FRISE, an interactive story engine by Chris Pollett.
  • Images were created using the Seashore Image Editor by Robert Engels.
  • All text, images, and code are (c) 2024 Chris Pollett.

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if (args[0]) { game.saveLoadSlot(args[0]); } if (args[0]) { game.deleteSlot(args[0]); } game.deleteSlotAll(); game.save(); game.load();


Your parents arrive on Earth

Your space-faring parent crash-landed and was eaten by a pig. A hermaphroditic worm, it survived and reached the pig's brain, eating it to become smarter and more aware. Before it synchronized with the pig's mind, the pig got sick, and your parent's cyst, with your egg, was dislodged and excreted...

...only you survived...

Your First Home

With a Handshake

You end up on the hands of an unhygienic farmer. With a single shake...

...you found a home in politics...

Running to a Quiet Life

Eaten by a Fish

Luck was running out for your parents, space-faring, brain worms, when they found a watery planet. As they flew low to evade the law, a fish jumped and swallowed their craft. Although not smart, the fish was a stable environment for your parents to grow a family. You were taught how a good guest can influence its host. Soon enough ...

...it was time to leave home...

Your Own Home

Bears Feeding

Your parents, now old, pushed your host fish towards three bears, choosing the one that was just right. As they expired, they gave a final surge of emotion...

...make us proud...

Campaign Stop


Your host speaks to an audience.

${messages()} ${availableHosts()} ${availableActions()}


Picnic Table and Tent ${messages()} ${availableHosts()} ${availableActions()}


Outer Space ${messages()} ${availableHosts()} ${availableActions()}


Booth Seats ${messages()} ${availableHosts()} ${availableActions()}

Space Center

Outer Space

A rocket moves to a launchpad. ${mc()['scene_text']}

${messages()} ${mc()['html_host_list']} ${availableActions()}
Angel Devil Worms

The End


${mc().fname} ${mc().lname}'s
Deeds and Misdeeds

${availableHosts()} ${deedsAndMisdeeds()}

Tourist Grove

Tall Trees

You are at a famous spot in the park. ${mc().scene_text}

${mc()['html_host_list']} ${messages()} ${availableActions()}


Wilderness ${messages()} ${availableHosts()} ${availableActions()}
let me = mc(); if (me.host != "") { let host = obj(me.host); parseAdd(me.host, 'aggressiveness', 1, 0, 5); me.messages += `The ${me.host} becomes more aggressive. `; } let me = mc(); if (me.host != "") { let host = obj(me.host); let brains = Math.min(10, parseInt(host.health)); parseAdd('main-character', 'health', brains, 0, 100); parseAdd(me.host, 'health', -brains, 0, host['max-health']); me['host-health'] = host.health; me.messages += `Eating the ${me.host}'s brains gives you strength. `; } let me = mc(); parseAdd('main-character', 'affairs', 1, 0, 100); me.messages += `You become romantically involved with the astronaut. `; let me = mc(); let orig_host = obj(me.host); if (orig_host.deceased == "true") { me.messages += `The ${me.host} died. `; } me.host = args[0]; me.messages += `You are now in the ${me.host}. (Disgusting transmission scene omitted -- it was just a sneeze... honest). `; if (!me['hosts_visited'].includes(me.host)) { me['hosts_visited'].push(me.host); } game.reset();