The Unseemly Virus

by Chris Pollett

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Seemless Virus Protection, Inc.

... is where you work.

Exterior of your Business

Unseemly Virus Infection (UVI)

... is a ...

Bio Virus
Biological Virus
Computer Virus
Computer Virus

Dr. , Virus Hunter

Virus Hunter Headshot

... is who you are. You research UVI by:


Swearing Squirrel

The outbreak began in Kurstown brought by a hiker by way of a squirrel infected by a tick virus. After brain inflammation subsides, sufferers start to cuss randomly. Why is it spreading so fast?

Computer Network

UVI infects Expo Tax software.


How did the squirrel bite you? The animals in the cages I cleaned in that lab were always ?*!$! agitated. When I got bit, I decided ?*!$! this and ghost quit. I didn't know I was sick, but for insurance took this third floor vaccine fridge key. Take it, Dr. ${mc().lname}. The lab won't acknowledge their work. No one else should get this ?*!$!

?*!$! You've got it!

Swearing Virus Hunter

It must be more contagious than you thought. Your virus hunting days are over. ?*!$!



PCR Machine

UVI has twice the base pairs as a normal flavivirus. It has papillomavirus code for skin cell penetrating peptides. It is not natural.


Decompiling UVI

You discover networking calls in two labeled pieces of code.


Working Hard ${here().hint}

You can trace UVI's origin by guessing a passkey.

You try:


After test executing aquila_furtim code,


Federal Agents

${here().cause} federal agents arrive. Your virus hunting days end.



Reward Check

You expose Smiling Bear! The Expo Tax CEO comes and says, "Dr. ${mc().fname} ${mc().lname}, here is your reward!"



Secret Facility

You flash your virus hunter ID and they let you in to the infectious disease lab. You look around, but don't see anything UVI related. You decide to:

... Pay Smiling Bear

Smiling Bear

... it replaces fields on your tax form:


1. xxxxx...........$1056

1. xxxxx...........$?*!$!

2. yyyyy...........$1343

2. yyyyy...........$1343

2. yyyyy...........$?*!$!


You Owe:.........$9451

You Owe:.........$9451

You Owe:.........$?*!$!

Vaccine Fridge

Vaccine Fridge

You have a cooler to store vaccines. You can take one tray. You take the:


Jail Bars

Staff catch you taking the Ebola and Hantavirus tray. You are jailed. No more virus hunting. ?*!$!


Disaster Averted!

City Key

You take the vaccine back, synthesize it, and inoculate the townsfolk of Kurston. The mayor honors you, "Dr. ${mc().fname} ${mc().lname}, everyone is ?*!$! grateful for your service!"

if (args[0]) { game.saveLoadSlot(args[0]); } if (args[0]) { game.deleteSlot(args[0]); } game.deleteSlotAll();; game.load(); baseLoc().virus = args[0]; game.reset(); loc('start').visited = -1; loc('owed').visited = -1; loc('ursus').attempts = Math.max(loc('ursus').attempts, 2);