FRISE - the FRee Interactive Story Engine


FRISE Releases

The most recent versions of FRISE are:

Support FRISE

FRISE is developed by Seekquarry, LLC, a company owned by Chris Pollett, the principal developer. If you like FRISE, and would like to show support for this project, please consider making a contribution via either Paypal or Etherium:
Ethereum Adress: 0x6D5cA93D051261C82222a5534E8699CEAA757c98

Git Repository / Contributing Code

The FRISE git repository allows anonymous read-only access. If you would like to contribute to FRISE, just do a clone of the most recent code, make your changes, do a pull, and make a patch. For example, to clone the repository, assuming you have the git version control software installed, just type:
 git clone
for the FRISE code, and
 git clone
for the game examples. You can create/update an issue in the SeekQuarry Issue Tracker describing what your patch solves and upload your patch (make sure to select the FRISE Project as opposed to the Yioop project).